Our Trailers

The team at Muse Billboards want to help you with your next advertising campaign

We care about the end result, that’s why our trailers are built to the highest standards and use the latest technology
The trailers are 6m x 3m and are New Zealand made
Our trailers have a clip in system which allows you to reuse your printed skins up to five times
Don’t waste your time with other companies who supply a second grade finish, litter your printed skins with staple and screw holes, and then throw them out after a single use.

With our system you can be reassured your printed skins will always look tidy and professional.

Our trailers are fitted with hydraulic brakes, making the billboards extremely easy to tow around.

The trailers have a stabiliser leg on each corner so they sit nice and level.

All these features help create an overall professional and classy look complementing your advertising campaign and to make you stand out above the rest.